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Though almost a quarter of amputations are the result of traumatic accidents, diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease cause the majority of amputations. A great number of advancements in the field of prosthetics have been made, and today prosthetic limbs are customized to suit the personal needs of an individual, taking into account their body proportions as well as their age and the demands of their lifestyle.

Prostheses are fabricated in a series of steps or phases and the final product is the outcome of many factors which include patient participation and satisfaction. The new amputee receives a temporary or ‘training’ prosthesis and after his/her condition stabilizes, usually 4-6 months later, that individual is fit to a definitive prosthesis, which should last 2-5 years or more.

An individual’s period of adjustment to the use of prosthesis can often be accompanied by feelings of resentment or sadness. These feelings should not be discouraging, since they are a normal part of the healing process. Please feel free to discuss any emotional or physical difficulties with us, as our experience may be useful in helping you cope with any difficulties.

Developers and researchers in the field of lower limb prosthetics have made monumental advancements in recent decades, and today’s modern prosthetics are designed with space-age materials. Some even include microprocessors that control the limbs and regulate the responsiveness and movement of joints.

At Hellner & Associates, we are trained to provide the best in prosthetic innovation for our clients.

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